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«Iskusstvo» — The Art Magazine

The magazine «Iskusstvo» is the oldest publication in Russia about art and culture. It was launched in 1933, and during the Soviet times it served as an official body of the Artists' Union of the USSR. From the very beginning of its creation, this has been a high-quality publication, deeply concerned with professionalism, expertise and extent of interpretation. Since the 1990s «Iskusstvo» has become independent.

Today it is a nonprofit research project. Every issue is dedicated to one aspect of contemporary culture, which is very prominent at the moment, but has no yet become a subject of serious academic works. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the most urgent problems are discussed. And we try to assemble as much as possible information, and the most recent impressions of participants and experts in the chosen question. There are often not a lot of them. Sometimes they live not in Russia. However we do our best so that the reader, who has successfully managed reading the issue, would be confident in his knowledge on this topic: could write a term paper, organize a conference of a seminar in museum, be aware of the specialists of the field he or she can talk to, of the books that he can read further on. Or simply now they would know where to look at on a popular exhibition.

It doesn’t mean at all, that there is a whole dissertation hidden under the magazine’s cover. We are ready to share a lot of information — this is true, but we prefer a live spoken language to the stiff academic explanation, and controversial thoughts — to appropriate banalities. So if you just need a list of the best Scandinavian museums, personal suggestions about a visit to Rome during Christmas, and live commentaries by artists about the actual meaning of works at Moscow Art Biennale, — we are always ready to share them.

Furthermore, we are keen to make the magazine a piece of art in its own right. That’s why we care so much about the quality of paper and illustrations, and that the photographs in the issue carry additional meaning in them, and not simply illustrate the text. But the most important — is to inspire the readers to create their own new projects based on all these issues — artistic, exhibition, commercial, academic, made for very different people. So that the ideas that we find out about, that excite us and that we are happy to share, would grow further, improve and evolve.

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